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A reverie of solar flares
And magnetic storms,

High-energy particles
Colluding to glue
A long scattered past,

All improvised deliriums
And runaway conclusions,

Horizontal auroras
Dissipating through heart beats,

Broken power grids
Sparking crazed alien rain,

Broken transmissions
All wild and berserk
Across the ionosphere;

Inhaling gentle
Geomagnetic disturbances,

The dawn puppeting stupors,
Groaning for semblance,

As therapy fades.


Winter Commute

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As routine takes hold
And the days drift by,

We salute the frigid morning
And the glaze of all its touched;

Hot breath hitting
The crisp winter air,

Factory smoke affixing itself
To the hovering fog,

Dew’s wet chill
Still hanging on the platform,

Tickling the inhalations
Of stationary commuters

As they sniffle and cough,
Lost in jumbled thoughts,

Shifting patterns
As they stir,

Shuffling words
Like whispering chalk.

After The Gaspers

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Two ribbons of treated meat
Hanging like hot spaniel ears

From a glimmering,
Shimmering limb of dishoner,

Neon lights throbbing
Across its greasy sluice

As spent demons gather
To slather and slump in the shadows,

Dark hearts beating
To the trembling pulse

Of dizzy flies frying
On luminous grills.

Shadow Hovering

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Two creeping cats twitch
Spooked by a midnight nothing
Shadow hovering


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I caught him
In the corner

Of the co-working
Office space,

Leaning against
Wood panelled walls,

Finishing off
Another yarn,

When all of your highs
Are someone else’s lows,
You know you’ve truly
Made it.

I coughed gently,

He turned around

And then leant against


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I lie back
And watch
The light dance
On the wet
Of my eyelids,

I smoke
The damp
Winter air
And hum
Like a heater,

The cramp
From my toes
As my restless
Legs quiver,

Of a home that
Never happened
In a time that
Never was,

In a cloud
Of my own making,

In a soft
And humid daze,

Here where
Touches something,
Recoils then
Inches back,

Lost in
Staged transitions,

They’ve Lowered The Ceiling

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High on believing
Because they’ve
Lowered the ceiling,

Drunk and healing
As we steal our adventures,

The treasured realisation
Everything’s better blurred

And far away from the herds.