I’m the Suburban Nightmare

I’m the suburban nightmare,
I put talc on my balls
And bark like a dog.


Most of my thoughts
Are hidden in boxes
And broken at parties.


I like chunky-knit sweaters
But can no longer drink brandy
Because it reminds me of my father.


I enjoyed Austria
But felt trapped
By its huge history.


Paul Simon’s solo work
Needs to be re-evaluated,
And quickly.


The Middle-East is doomed,
We need to look
Closer to home.


I’ve stopped reading the papers
I check stuff online
With a bagel.


I’m the suburban nightmare,
My mind is a sponge,
My mouth is a broken floodgate.


One Response to “I’m the Suburban Nightmare”

  1. I wish I could meet you, just for once.
    Thank you for the pulse.


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