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The Sea

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , on July 1, 2008 by dc

The streams,
The airwaves,
Warm sand in hot coves,
The sights,
The sounds,
The sea.
Salt on tongue
As oceans lap,
A sailing wisp
Just cusping lips,
The calmest silence
Dropped to hush,
Another wish away.
Ridiculous lovers
Swap songs,
Rain teases grass,
From nowhere a tickled harp trembles,
The sights,
The sounds,
The sea.
Cliffs lift strangers,
Pleasure feeds eyes,
The sun hits the shoreline
And all is alive,
Pebbles glisten
Under seagulls,
Sand stays wet
From lapping tides.
Sat content
As seasons change,
Knowing I’ll one day return,
To remember the peace
Of the fresh, salty winds,
And the mornings where heaven
Stretched onwards,
The sights,
The sounds,
The sea,
The simple flow
Of majesty.