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Like a Parcel of Glass

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 3, 2008 by dc

Dawn breaks
Like a parcel of glass,
The mighty hand
Has reached the ground
And we are burning
Like calligraphy
On a medieval fire.
Ash settles
Like nations after war,
One kind gesture
Could warm
The coldest hearts
But we are motionless
With our simple thoughts
Of rising smoke and fear.
Death is influential
In our newly worried smiles
As the children of the summer
Dribble out into the light,
Smiles don’t find
The time to spread
And taste the yellow storm,
Words don’t find
The space to breathe
And send out
Sounds of hope.
This night
Could not contain
The violence
We have bred
For thirteen winters,
It could never hold
The anger
We have stored up
All these years.
We are damaged,
We are shattered,
We are ruined,
We are wrecked
And we are crushed
Like a parcel of glass
In the morning.