Defining Us

We are the half stitched seams,
The slightly off splendour,
A subway map in a wallet,
The oil in the eye of a puddle.

We are the half sung screams,
The fantasies of dullards,
A joke inside a hospital,
A spark that wants to flame

And we are the half dry streams
Running from a river,
An iron roof in a storm,
The sand by a museum jar.


12 Responses to “Defining Us”

  1. This was my favorite poem of yours for a long time.

  2. Dunstan Carter Says:

    Nice choice. It’s one of my faves from that period of my life. I like to think of it as an awkward love poem.

  3. Powerful and strong words that define us behind our cloaks! Beautiful.

  4. you have amazing imaginations.

    cute one.

    thanks for sharing..

  5. wow! I love it, the metaphors are unique, totally awesome! Enjoy the rally!

  6. you know yourself well………

    human nature is magically exposed in your words.

    keep it up,

    share your poetry with potluck today as well……..

    appreciate your support.

  7. I am definitely a half-stitched seam at times! Beautiful sentiment.

  8. oh I can relate to this. your imagination is so beautiful, Dunstan.

    Rally Week 41 – My Poetry

  9. irisdeurmyer Says:

    I am impressed and could not decide which was my favorite line, maybe the oil in the eye of the puddle. I also like subway map in the wallet.
    Great imagery.

  10. please return favors, have fun..

    keep encouraging and getting encouraged.

    you cool.

  11. dunstancarter Says:

    Thanks Jingle and thanks for the opportunities to get involved with your site and the rally too – it’s much appreciated. There’s some good stuff over at Jingle and I’m enjoying interacting.

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