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Laugh Later On

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , on July 15, 2008 by dc

They have to make
Special seats for him,
So wide is his girth
He can’t see his thighs.

I’m sat eating
Sausage and chips,
Somehow trying
To slow down my heartbeat.

My stare is vacant,
I’ve lost something,
An idea or purpose,
I hear a dog howling.

It’s strangling itself
On a lamppost outside,
That fat man can’t save him
He’s stuck here.

I prod my last chip
Into a huge pool of ketchup,
The dog passes out,
The fat man sheds tears.

This doesn’t happen
Very often,
Strangers just eat stuff
And spit words.

I usually just stare
At people’s faces and clothing,
Make up funny stories
And try to start smiling.

Sometimes later on
I go and place small bets
On horses and football
To see how my luck lies.

I go to the market,
Smell fish and cheap leather,
Buy weird, useless objects
And laugh later on.