Custard Butterflies

I haven’t got a net,
A box or a jar,
But into the dining room
I roam,
Hunting for custard butterflies
To call my own.
Very rarely they flap,
Unless blown on a spoon,
And very rarely they flutter
Unless captured too soon.
But the expedition my friends,
The expedition is on
And when I find the custard butterflies
They soon will be gone.
For the hunt,
Yes the hunt,
Oh the hunt!
Is never a chore
The only downside
Is that I’m left wanting more.
More of the butterflies,
The sweet, creamy butterflies,
The yummy on flutter pies,
The scrummy on mutter sighs,
Bring me a farm,
A plantation,
A zoo
Of custard butterflies,
Until my utter size
Becomes a gut
Of splutter cries.

7 Responses to “Custard Butterflies”

  1. This is wonderful! Well done 🙂

  2. beautiful…

  3. This is awesome! When I saw you’d entered the Children’s theme contest I was so curious. I really want pudding now

  4. rickcag Says:

    that was a fun read, thanks for sharing

  5. A tasty poem for the senses. I enjoyed it very much.

  6. how cool to see you join short story slam week 6,

    you are capable of everything creative.
    hope to see you do week 7.


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