Shirt Button Torch Light

Shirt button torch light
Glowing out gently,
An owl’s plastic face,
A small marbled dolphin.

Shirt button torch light
Making the walls move,
A dog on a hillside,
A sky caught by cobwebs.

Shirt button torch light
Absorbing the TV,
A hero splits cotton,
A bad guy melts softly.

Shirt button torch light
Fading out slowly,
A flickering signal,
A thought before darkness.

5 Responses to “Shirt Button Torch Light”

  1. I like the last stanza 🙂 particularly the last line
    enjoy the rally!

  2. smart one, the last line is divine….

  3. I love the last stanza =) Great job! Unique

  4. You have a good, measured flow with this one. The subject is unique and strange enough to be interesting. My favorite line: a sky caught by cobwebs.

  5. Loved this one..well written 🙂

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