Confused Pet Gynastics

A dog tied to a shop sign
Shuffles forward for some sniffings,
Then hears the screaming screech
Of car brakes from behind,


And he’s catapulted across the street,

One… two… three…

He jumps hedgerows,
Hits windows
And spins around lamp-posts,
Somersault … back-twist…
Double-salsa… corkscrew…


The doors of the shop
Across the road open
And out flies the owner,
Whistles splitting the air,
Shoes squeaking with pace,
Shouting out for quiet,
Before a tackle goes in
And untying begins
With a range of soft words
To calm all the barking.

“Fancy tying it to a shop sign”,
An old man near me mutters.

“Wow! That was great!”
A young girl near me shouts,

And twelve yards ahead
I mark the routine,
Like an Olympic judge with a biro,
Writing scores on the back of my hand.

8.0 … for style,
8.5 … for technique, and a perfect
10…  for dog confusion.


5 Responses to “Confused Pet Gynastics”

  1. love the details, well done.

  2. beautiful one, thanks for sharing.

  3. lovely details,
    what a fun story,

    perfect humor.


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