The Sunlight of Spring

The sunlight of spring
Has met
Its unknown friends,
A smile that lights your face
Like limestone
In a quarry
Feasting on a glow
That no-one sees,
Except the mice
That hunt for breadcrumbs
Near a house
That’s filled with cheese.
I have everything
They’ll ever need,
I have answers
Left by blind men
And the sights
They’ll never see,
I have talk that climbs
The tallest trees
And ideas
They wont believe.
I am wood rot in the winter,
Wild grass in the sun,
A stranger that you’ve nearly met,
A lace that’s come undone.


9 Responses to “The Sunlight of Spring”

  1. Ahhh, so you are what has been tripping me up? Bravo! No really, I’ve just read countless poems and couldn’t be raised to comment…. a soul felt bravo.

  2. superb, you have constructed your piece very well.


  3. i mean t to come after I read this in my email, sorry it took a bit.
    this is a fabulous poem!

  4. Unusual and interesting.
    I hope your laces are not undone
    for they can easily be stepped upon
    and send you flying.

  5. dunstancarter Says:

    Cheers all! Your feedback is much appreciated.

  6. Elegant poetry!

  7. Congrats ! Your poem has been selected for Jingle Poetry Potluck ….Enjoy 😀

  8. dunstancarter Says:

    Thank you!

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