All Is Here

All is here
Where once was when,
Thoughts underfoot
As wet as summer’s death,
Realisations hanging
Like rain on skinny trees
And all we can do is sing
Where once we screamed,
Tears are disappearing.

With maybes we go,
With a would and a could,
A why and a story
Of how the seasons
Span round us
Until we faced patterns
Of returning decisions
And crept into corners
Away from the storms.

All is here
Where once was when
And we can take this small world,
Pocket the good times
And change it in seconds,
We can shape it like clay
In a style of our choosing
And save helpless strangers,
We are answer machines.


5 Responses to “All Is Here”

  1. You, young man, should be working.

    Lovely though.

  2. this is realli woody

    i mean is realli sensitive

  3. This was very thought provoking… I had a few thoughts… As I read to the end they changed a bit… you are right… we choose to create moments… and we should keep them around and don’t discard them… I had quite a few favorite lines in your poem

    …really enjoyed reading this:)


  4. love the hypnotic melody of your words and imagery is to die for! Excellent penning!!!!!!!

    my latest:

  5. fun word flow.

    Glad to see you share.

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