And the Vampires Pretend

The cancerous night skies cooked deep in winter
As the animals in the zoo jettisoned dins,
Beggars locked horns,
There were too many faces in the clouds
And there were charred photos everywhere,
Self pity had painted its frames.


It’s easy to fall into recollections of pain,
Like an old woman’s memoirs about a life of ‘not quite’,
Dead angels in a quarry,
Or ghosts floating slowly across rivers of tar,
When we all need love most
It’s often dead in a jar,


A gallery, a well thumbed book,
A photo frame, a yellowed note.


When we all need love most it stays quiet just like dusk
And the dust slowly settles
As the vampires pretend they are more than mere myths
And the cysts of world troubles pop like blisters in space,
It’s all races and graces if we all face the facts,
We’re just random truths lost
Amongst the scurry of rats.


4 Responses to “And the Vampires Pretend”

  1. I could “see” and “feel” the bleakness of this piece. Your imagery is spectacular and the topic is of great importance. Very well done, Dunstan Carter.

  2. some wise words.

    well penned.

  3. I really liked the flow of this and all the analogies.
    Well done.

  4. Hi Dunstan

    Just random truths lost…. well life does look like that if we just live… in living but not being in the moment to moment of living… be in the moments of life fully and you end up being the truth of living not some truth lost.. that’s what i feel… and thanks to your this verse, i started looking at the passing moments more closely just now.. I keep forgetting to be not just living …

    i enjoyed your words …

    ‘When we all need love most
    It’s often dead in a jar,’

    Yes some times love looks like its dead, as we try to find love in others but not within us… we always are selfish when it comes to love….

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely verse and for joining in the Poetry Picnic … Look forward to your posts on “Friends, Relationships and every one around..” next week …

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

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