I’ll pretend to be your brother,
Squeeze your arm affectionately,
Dumbfound the stalkers with sick jokes
And laugh about nothing in French.

We’ll get rid of the Jesus freaks
Talking about the death of our mother
And how you’ve found out you’re infertile,
We’ll escape the crowds and start whispers.

You’ll find solace in my wide brown eyes
And tell me you’ve had sex with strangers,
You’ll say you’re addicted to vodka
And stare till your face starts to slide.

I will watch you float round the room,
A breath of fresh air through the cigarette smoke,
I will sit on a sofa believing my thoughts
And shape them all into routines.

As motion staggers and night becomes dawn
I will say my goodbyes and search for your gaze,
I will hunt round the room till I see your illusions
And finally pinpoint the actress in you.

One Response to “Brother”

  1. love the last two lines…

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