Nowhere Bridge

I could lie on the planks
Of this small nowhere bridge
For a lifetime,
Staring at the frogs
And the shots of sky
As they split through
A canopy of sycamores.

As the shimmering hush
Of the stream passes by
I am no longer the curious child,
Poking things with sticks,
Laughing at smells
And trying to catch
Insects in my fingers.

I guess I’m looking for something
I might not find in the frogs,
A raspberry sweeter than syrup,
A yellow sky,
A new friend,
A hiccup that acts like a pause
On a journey that’s just broken down.


4 Responses to “Nowhere Bridge”

  1. this poem has a real stillness in it. Just everything slowing down. great read. thanks for sharing.

  2. aashijoshi Says:

    Hmm…it has an old school touch about it…light…makes you thnk and take a second read….well written 🙂

  3. Cheers Gillian 🙂

  4. Sounds like a nice day actually….

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