Forgotten Holidays

The lifts smell of sunscreen
And there’s a sweat box we call home,
Small children with insects,
Old women with tan lines
And dogs barking poetry.

Girls with made up names scream songs
And cry like its Christmas,
Builders ignore deadlines on sun-beds,
Birds mock the arcades
And flap like they’re special.

Idiots walk like Jesus
And drunkards hang on palm trees,
Tattoos move and glisten,
Flesh wobbles and shimmers
And the sand never settles for long.

The town is 80% beer
And foreign food seems familiar,
Fist fights are just part of the fun,
Kareoke and porn are served as hors d’oeuvres
And greed is a wrestling steak.

One Response to “Forgotten Holidays”

  1. fun word play..
    Thanks for sharing..


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