On the Picnic Bench

On the picnic bench
You fed me smiles
And washed away my sorrow,

You melted in my arms
Like a dream about to disappear
Or an ice cube in the rain,

There were sounds I heard like thunder
But all I saw was sunshine,
A goddess through the leaves.

On the picnic bench
With no-marks in the distance
I wanted the clocks to stop,

This will do, all is here
And anytime I’m feeling down
I’ll know I once felt joy,

A heartbeat filling my body,
Bathing in your eyes,
A new world dawning electric.

On the picnic bench
So close to perfection
I could’ve cried a fresh sky,

You uttered words so colourful
I saw rainbows taking flight,
My dreams were overthrown,

In Japan a saying goes,
“When love is deep, much can be accomplished”,
I wanted to change the world.

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