Drifting Sundays

The rain and the cold beats outside,
Warmth is the sound of our voices,
Confusion is a distant song,
The weather relaxes with time
And to hold you is to know
All is right with the world.

The fat couple in the nearby KFC,
Complaining about the sanitary conditions
And the scarcity of ketchup
Are but a distraction to us now,
A titillating diversion
To a love that holds us tight.

I never thought I would sleep with a smile
And wake without moaning
Till I drank tea in your bed
And let Sundays just drift,
Reading magazines over your shoulder,
Kissing your neck
And thinking of nothing but us.


2 Responses to “Drifting Sundays”

  1. I smile.
    You followed the title very well, drifting in and around the idea, and found at last a place to sit in the last line. (he he, silly sentence I just wrote)

    Good poem. I like it. 😀

  2. I know these feelings & they are sensitively expressed.

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