I must have been cherished
To be revisited by the bloated shifters,
Built on superstitions and brandy,
They were never pale,
Just wheezing and ruddy
Puppeteers of the night,
Shrouded in whispering mystery.

They uplifted me
Like they truly believed
I could be someone special,
Then one night
As a steel moon shone
The teeth followed whispers
And the stars shrank to darkness.

I was burst like balloons
Under the feet of straightened clowns,
Drained like a gutter
An hour after storms,
In the middle of this madness
I took hope in a fatal truth,
Take away love and the world is a tomb.


4 Responses to “Vampires”

  1. blonderblondest Says:

    very good work.

    the poem is very dark to me. i like the atmosphere of it.

    “I was burst like balloons”

    is great.

  2. Such wonderful imagery. It really drew me into the picture you were painting.

  3. I, too, absolutely loved the line, “I was burst like balloons.” What a visual!

  4. Is this really about vampires or is it about the end of love. Or both. Whatever. It’s powerful. Imagery spot on.

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