A Desert Designed

Yesterday I decided
To forget all about you,
I hid photos and spoke of transitions,
I even let my paranoia slide
But it was all a lie, I never could.

The beauty of red rivers colliding,
The heaven of silence
Across the unmoved rocks
On top of the banks
Of our last dying words.

It’s all it seems
And now I dream
About a kilo of thick golden honey
And how the bees that would gather to make it
Would have to visit at least four million flowers,

I realise the length
From my wrist to my elbow
Is the same as the length of my foot
And that butterflies
Taste with their feet.

Now the length
Of my heartbreak is equal

To the span of my hand as it crumbles
And scatters

Across a desert designed as I sleep.


One Response to “A Desert Designed”

  1. This one’s the best. Exquisitely sad with a lavishly rich metaphorical context.

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