Letters from the Blue

Just like
The strange skinny baby
Who grew up to be
The lost drunken loner,
Trying to feed himself
To already fed lions
In a night silent zoo,

Or the peer-pressured loser
Who slept on an icy gravestone one night
Just to impress his friends
But ended up losing his mind.

Just like
The fat noisy child
Sent away to a summer camp
To train himself thin
Who ended up crying
Down the phone every night,
Begging his mother for doughnuts,

Or the fading celebrity
Driven to pimping her life
From the tabloids to the chat shows
In a bid to find work,

I am here to remind you
I’m still in existence,
That the past was a blessing
And I’m clinging to its glory
Until you write back
And wipe my slate clean.


One Response to “Letters from the Blue”

  1. Strange isn’t it that love lost can generate such superb poetry?

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