Teeth Talkers

They walk around country estates
Like catalogue clowns,
They hold canes like loaded shotguns
And snort at swearing children.

They’re faces look like chiselled wax
But never seem to melt,
Their friends are insistently orange
And conversations hate them.

They throw loose change at cyclists
As they race past in their jeeps,
Their advert smiles are sickening,
Their mothers loved them too much.

They count bickering as a hobby,
Their hands are wild cat’s claws,
They talk through their teeth
And film themselves having sex.

We all know one vaguely,
Yet not really at all,
In simpler times they’d be beautiful beggars,
Miserable but kept well out of sight.

Their honesty sits
Amongst jars filled with tears,
To befriend one
Is the meaning of lonely.



2 Responses to “Teeth Talkers”

  1. I thought you might be interested in our poetry competition over at Bookhabit
    Free entry, $2600 of prizes. Performance and written poetry.
    Kindest regards

  2. perfectly creative and visual imagery, well done,


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