Accidents Happen

The ghosts of mice
Scuttle in the fireplace,
The old house creaks,
The neighbours moan.

Amidst the tears
Of idiot thoughts
And the flashbacks
Of happier times

Sadness rolls
Like dust across rugs
And the lights flicker
Seventies gloom.

There are kids on TV
Talking about
Broken marriages
And drug addiction,

They want us
To pity them,
They want us to care
But in times of disaster

We are happier
Just staring at colours
And burning our mouths
With sweet tea.

The kitchen smells
Of bacon fat,
Two flies dance
Around the window

And the streets outside
Have holes in the pavements,
They swallow the sun
And invite the wet sorrow,

We fill them
With hope and annoyance,
And we question
Whether this is the future.

Autumn leaves come early,
It’s the breeze
Making all the dust move now,
Everything hovers,

This was never the plan
But these accidents happen
When dogs bark out lies
And crows carry death,

Half the road parties
The other’s a mess,
Floorboards lie weary,
It’s all for the best.

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