St Ives at Summer

The morning has no meaning,
Your eyes delay the sunrise
And I could drink on milky skin
Till comets drop
From the darkness,
Till religion breaks the silence
And the sugar noisy summer kids
Shake sweet the gorgeous calm.

The morning has no meaning,
I’m just waiting for the evening
When all this starts again,
When all the things that led us here
Weave tight to save the lonely,
It’s electric like excitement
Was always meant to be
As we walk beneath the seagulls,

Between the breakfasts
And the unity,
The shells where oceans sing,
The light that skims the lapping tides,
This was never accidental
We are names carved into trees,
This was never just a holiday,
We are the beach, we are the sea.

6 Responses to “St Ives at Summer”

  1. we are beach, we are sea,
    there was never just a holiday…………..

    love your beautiful thoughts, A++

  2. This is lovely, thanks for sharing, awesome work!!!
    Was it published on

  3. dunstancarter Says:

    Hi Lynn – thanks as ever for your lovely feedback. is just a site that contains links to thousands of poetry blogs from around the world. You just create an account and they add a link to your site. I, in turn, put a link to at the base of each poem I upload. It’s an extremely basic site and I’m starting to wonder if it’s worthwhile as I’m not sure how well maintained it is. I do it out of habit more than anything else.

  4. well it should be published, it is tight work 🙂
    thanks for replying

  5. that sounds so familiar, painfully familiar and it’s a real pleasure to read these emotions through your words!

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