No Smoke Without Fire

Sometimes we set things on fire
Just to see what they’ll look like
As they burn,

Something grips us tightly
As we stare into the flames
And flicker as they dance.

When nothing burns
And things just melt
We walk back into nature,

We stare at moss and watch it grow
Just to know we’re chosen,
Just to know we’re nothing.

They say the path without fear is fearsome
And there’s no smoke without fire,
Except when things are melting,

This world is filled with liars.

3 Responses to “No Smoke Without Fire”

  1. Slumpy Jackson Says:

    This is a wonderful poem. It makes me think fondly of my Swan Vesta-happy childhood, and then regretfully of the rest of my life.

    Well done Dunstan Carter, I find your new poetry among the best I have seen from any Manchester writer or British poet …ever!

  2. You are my favorite poet…You are beautiful minded.

  3. dunstancarter Says:

    What a lovely thing to say – thanks Alicia you’ve made my day!

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