Sometimes the distance
Between love and indecision
Is just the width of a gnat
On its back after swattings.

Sometimes the laws
That we live by are twisted
And bent into shapes
We can pass on like batons.

Sometimes we forget
We are drifting and drowning
As we pull smiles on our faces
And try hard to understand

How the beauty of history
Is lost in a future
We have no real control of.

Sometimes words are just
Puddles in the park
And I don’t need to be near them
To know that it’s crying outside.

Rain gashes from the clouds
But it hurts just a few,
We are new to this downpour
And this bad luck was due.

4 Responses to “Downpour”


  2. Your insight is amazing, Dunstan. You nailed another one here. Very nice write!

  3. What a great ending I love how you describe the rain and how it gushes from the clouds

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