Until the Ravens Descend

I waited and waited
And waited,
I waited so long I forgot
Why I was waiting

And then you appeared.
I wanted to act disgusted,
Angry, upset and let down,
But all I could do was smile

And that’s how it rolls,
This is how it will be,
Until this hill we’ve been lost on
Sees one of us drop one way

And the other the other,
Till both of us fade
Under bad skies
All brooding,

A calm dying passion,
A thick misted landscape
Hiding huge disappointments
Until the ravens descend.


4 Responses to “Until the Ravens Descend”

  1. I loved the first stanza, and the second one was good, but then the third one was only alright, and down it went from there.

    I definitely felt the intention behind the poem though.

    Sorry for the criticism, but that’s what I do. Feel free to criticize my stuff.

    ❤ Lauren

  2. dunstancarter Says:

    Criticism’s good! And I think you have a point. The poem could probably do with a re-draft (I’ll get round to it at some point) – it could certainly be a lot tighter.

  3. I really like this poem.

  4. I fell in love with this. Thanks for posting.

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