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Diamond Scattered Skies

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 29, 2009 by dc

These winter nights with diamond scattered skies
Taste of grape juice and isolation,

Bones that itch and gently lie on the mist,
A sad child’s painting of churchyards and misery.

Irony sweeps in the changes
And all that I wanted is not what it seems,

Dreams become gloom and my breath rises high,
Why can’t I share this night sky with someone?

The streets lie empty and filled with suspense,
Why are you blackness when jewels sit abundant?

Wherever you are
Sweet storm in a teacup,

This tear is for you,
Reflecting one chosen star

As it rolls all pathetic
Under something so grand,

We were never the night sky,
But I’m here as you yawn,

We were never forever,
Like the mist before dawn.

A Song in a Rioting Crowd

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So, here we are again,
A fine-looking picture,
A sunset made golden,
A break in a storm
Separated only by oceans
And a fate half amused
By the nonsense it drops.

A year of bad fortune
Is quickly drifting away,
A smile in my heart
As wide as my ribcage,
A happiness planted in wine,
Your hand in my hand
As we glide.

You are the brightest of skies,
The softest of clouds
The kind that only winter brings
Briefly and succinctly,
Quietly and strange,
You are the beauty
Of a season unchanged,
A song in a rioting crowd.


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My tongue became an acidic whip
Of orchestrated frustration,

My eyes became centres of blood lust,
Disappointment and spite,

My walk the bullish strut of the angry,
A minotaur crashing through mazes.

A graduate of devotions turned sour,
A stranger in a land of spent words,

Wrestling hope like a farmer with barbed wire,
Coiled spikes puncturing pity,

In the scheme of things I am just a dirt cloud,
A yellow grass scar,
All the tree leaves ignored,

No one heads out to the garden these days,
I am blunt and the World’s become bored.


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Two flies caught in a web,
A little disaster torn by a cat,

Two lovers curled on a bean bag,
Wrong answers to questions just conjured,

Two bin sacks half filled,
Rotting under the sun,

A well hunted dream world,
Falsetto in glory,
A castle in the air,
A sailor’s stolen song.

Two stories,
Both with lies,

Two futures,
A grapefruit halved.

Heading Home

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 17, 2009 by dc

Before you get on that train
There’s something I must tell you,
There are holes in the sky,
Loose rivers are swelling,
Colossal winds are circling
And there’s no way you will ever know
How great I feel right now
As this city collapses
Around our twisted toes.

Like the dog that stopped barking
As you sauntered beside it
I am muted and tranquil,
Aghast at the joy
You have planted around me,
There are lullabies wafting
Through the holes in my heart,
I am standing composed
As you whisper your dreams.

As the storm punches rumbles
And the train grinds to a halt
There are seconds till you leave me
And I’m wordless as I hold you,
I have seen the misty future
And it’s a graveyard filled with yew trees,
The scent of summer blossom
Drifting quickly through the arms
Of a thousand smiling cherubs.

I have always avoided the dubious
But with you I’m totally lost,
You are everything I’ve longed for
But there’s something not quite right,
I wasn’t born to be this happy,
I am the pigeon without a beak,
A broken, stumbling dreamer
Soaked with wine and thumping heartbeats,
Stay with me and cry forever.

Hope Fruit

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The heart in full bloom
A virgin of springtime glee
Juiced like a hope fruit.

A Beacon

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Despised like the legends of avarice,
You are tobacco in the throat of a giant,
A horse in a coat of barbed wire,
An oak tree whose roots tickle land mines,
The ecstasy of betrayal made good.

You are the result of mistakes in a storm,
The horns of wild Vikings on coastlines,
The disgust of a huge mirror broken,
The stench of fresh bones in a forest fire burning,
A beacon of bleakness and greed.

Graveyards in Winter

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Graveyards in winter
Carry finger-tipped whispers
That cling to the mist.

A Dalliance Swims

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Touching hands take their time,
Sparks and distractions
Sit and shepherd the light,
Broken icicles melt,

The countryside thaws
And then a dalliance swims
Like two beautiful streams
As they meet at a river,

Rising hope quells disaster,
A new day has dawned,
As bridges sing breakthroughs
And the water forms dreams.

Appreciating Light

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 1, 2009 by dc

Is this art
Or just revenge?
An illusion of feeling
Or another half chance
To dance at the bottom
Of a wishing well,
Light once more
In solitude.

Are we shaping the sky
Or just under the clouds
As they cry?
How is it all our
Conversations end in why?
And that stuck on sigh
That used to loosen tongues
Is now a question mark
Hung dry.

Is this
A statement of intent
Or just a bench
Where lovers sit
And bite their lips?
This feeling is hardly a yard-stick
To measure the pleasure
That reigned here
Not so long ago.

We are lost
As rivers swell,
As the night
Swims unwell
On the waves
We’ve been making,
Contemplating our failures
We’ve been aching for solace,
A fresh palace dreamt
In the darkness of light.