Appreciating Light

Is this art
Or just revenge?
An illusion of feeling
Or another half chance
To dance at the bottom
Of a wishing well,
Light once more
In solitude.

Are we shaping the sky
Or just under the clouds
As they cry?
How is it all our
Conversations end in why?
And that stuck on sigh
That used to loosen tongues
Is now a question mark
Hung dry.

Is this
A statement of intent
Or just a bench
Where lovers sit
And bite their lips?
This feeling is hardly a yard-stick
To measure the pleasure
That reigned here
Not so long ago.

We are lost
As rivers swell,
As the night
Swims unwell
On the waves
We’ve been making,
Contemplating our failures
We’ve been aching for solace,
A fresh palace dreamt
In the darkness of light.


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