Heading Home

Before you get on that train
There’s something I must tell you,
There are holes in the sky,
Loose rivers are swelling,
Colossal winds are circling
And there’s no way you will ever know
How great I feel right now
As this city collapses
Around our twisted toes.

Like the dog that stopped barking
As you sauntered beside it
I am muted and tranquil,
Aghast at the joy
You have planted around me,
There are lullabies wafting
Through the holes in my heart,
I am standing composed
As you whisper your dreams.

As the storm punches rumbles
And the train grinds to a halt
There are seconds till you leave me
And I’m wordless as I hold you,
I have seen the misty future
And it’s a graveyard filled with yew trees,
The scent of summer blossom
Drifting quickly through the arms
Of a thousand smiling cherubs.

I have always avoided the dubious
But with you I’m totally lost,
You are everything I’ve longed for
But there’s something not quite right,
I wasn’t born to be this happy,
I am the pigeon without a beak,
A broken, stumbling dreamer
Soaked with wine and thumping heartbeats,
Stay with me and cry forever.



One Response to “Heading Home”

  1. cry for good…

    sad and heartfelt.

    Thanks for sharing.

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