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The Arrival

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 26, 2009 by dc

Wolves howl a stillness
As the fallen leaves usher
A lost winter hope

City Gin Song

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It’s a race to hide my misery
As the rattled foxes scream
And the soot faced children scatter
To homes more dead than alive,

The city gin song of an old bag
Stings like nettles down the alley,
Half eaten sandwiches turn black
And slugs slide over bins.

“If you plot out your future
Like you’re laying down gauntlets,
You’ll forever face let downs
And bruised heart mirages.”

Loud breaths catch echoes,
They are mine and I’m crumbling like coastlines,
I am caught by the pavestones and pebbles,
I fall down and my head splits the future.

Nature Has Chilled My Bones

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The morning sun
Is a wet, shaved peach,
I watch buzzards
And choke like a stranger.

Horses buck in the garlic rain,
Rabid foxes sprint into fence-posts,

I grab a moment from the runny sky,

I peel back my thoughts
And get lost in the skin.

Weasels dance hypnotic and lithe,
Weaving tight turns
And head-bending their prey,

Decaying hedgehogs
Float down streams,
Trembling pheasants
Cough up seed.

The clouds expand
And then tighten
Like a huge concertina,

I step forward and sink,
I taste the dew on my lips
And the soil on my tongue;

Yesterday was Tuesday,
Today is Thursday,

Nature has chilled my bones.


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Beauty never dies
It’s just covered in wisdom
Like snow on the hills.

You are the Daylight

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Love is the flicker
A second before sunrise,

The scatter of dew
Before dawn splits its colours.

You are the daylight
Through the cracks in my curtains,

A breath on my neck,
a subtle smile as I roll.

From the Yew Trees to the Pews

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From the yew trees to the pews
You were built for gin and sing-song,
A dictionary censored,
A library of morals,

Your thinning hair
Is part of God’s plans,
A head filled with shortbread
And flowery patterns,

Fossils labelled as rocks,
Sandwiches without crusts,
Needlepoint praising the Lord’s work,
Consensual tutting.

This could all be sweet nothings,
But it makes you feel something
Like a hot cup of tea
Or a nice bedtime story,

A nice bedtime story,
A sweet church bell ringing,
A tear in the vicar’s eye,
A reason for being.

We Kiss In Hallways

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We kiss in hallways
When we pass,
On porches before we enter,
We’re like magnets in a bottle,
Two ants sharing
A single grain of sugar,
Two clouds meeting
And covering the sky.

In taxis, on buses and trains
We whisper our love,
Your words the sweet songs
That I never tire of hearing,
Alive in my mind
And pushing me forward.

We kiss at the end of streets,
We change angles,
We warm up each other
Through winter,
We’re like TVs with the lonely
But more magic than that seems,
Two bodies resting together
And hatching a vision of dreams.

The Worried Clown

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 5, 2009 by dc

See the worried clown,
Watch how the hoods of his eyes
Pull his forehead to frowns,

Nerves sharp like pencils
Ready to snap,
A boredom in joy
As the autumn trees crack.

See the worried clown,
Look at his white crooked face
As black tracks trickle down,

A crumpled old man,
His rainbows are lies
He’s the peak of spent sadness,
The sound of your cries.

Winter Break

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We switch emotions
With synchronised irony
And laugh till we cry