Old Man Thought

I stay white in the armchair,
Fear holds its gentle pause,
Memories won’t shift,
Worries won’t drown,

I’ve held their heads underwater
For days maybe months,
Felt them thrashing and splashing,
Then watched them turn blue.

Yet here they are again,
Lessons not learned,
Regret stuck on repeat,
A skipping record of sadness,

I get up from the armchair
And I’m dizzy with thinking,
Happiness whispers
Then drifts as I rock,

It’s pathetic enchantment,
A wino with scrolls,
A Dickensian drop off,
An alleyway mind,

And here I am sensing
Life is short on full stops,
Wise advice is just wordplay,
The armchair was right.



7 Responses to “Old Man Thought”

  1. simply fantastic portrayal.

  2. regret stuck on repeat…I LOVE THIS PIECE and the eye btw lol
    Enjoy the rally!


  3. lovely..


  4. I like the idea of pathetic enchantment

  5. dunstancarter Says:

    Yeah, its up there with ‘worthless beauty’. Cheers for comment.

  6. And old lady thought, too.

  7. A lot of good things here, notably “a skipping record of sadness”. That puts it exactly.

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