Butchers of Commerce

You would think their heads
Were far to big to hold beaks
The size of two pine nuts,

Chests far too puffed
To breathe in sync
With their shuddering heartbeats
And spittle,

Alone in the glow of their egos,
At home with their bitter cored pills,
They are the news if they make it,

Dead if they don’t,
Autumnal trees,
The distant pecking of birds
Or a chorus ignored,

They are butchers of commerce,
All feathers and gore.


9 Responses to “Butchers of Commerce”

  1. Diseased times. Lovely vitriol.

  2. Wow. I like the images this evokes for me of birds, politicians, bosses, celebrities. Well written!

  3. Miss Kitten Says:

    I’ve always found birds to be creepy and disgusting. Maybe it’s their slightly evolved reptilian brains that has something to do with that.

  4. I suppose I know what you are talking about. Anyway, the main aspect here is not them but how you describe them. I particularly like the last two stanzas, since you succeeded to tell their sad reality.

  5. superb.
    you know the subject well.

  6. You are right on with this one! Very nice writing!

  7. dunstancarter Says:

    I’m loving the comments everyone – thanks for all your kind words

  8. Like your voice a lot, Dunstan. Read both poems.

  9. dunstancarter Says:

    Thank you!

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