A Mutual Friend

The phlegmy sluice
Of a dribbling sun
Casts its spittle
Into the sea,

And there in the shadows,
As dusk wakes the dust,
Creeps a damp,
Haggard figure,
A lurching sack,
A shuffling mess
Casting his thoughts
From the dock
To the sea,

We have seen him before
And we will see him again.

With a blistered lower lip
He talks to strangers,
He counts seagulls
And hunts through the bins
For his thoughts,
He dreams of the long gone
And prays for our souls,

Blotting the pain out
And shouting our names,

He is a mutual friend.


6 Responses to “A Mutual Friend”

  1. lovely tribe to a mutual friend, which is exactly what we need.

  2. I love the dark and disparaging imagery. Powerful write makes me think of my aunt honestly who was homeless and on drugs

  3. people such as described become part of our lives and landscape and indeed a friend …..great write thank you

  4. I like the feeling this leaves me with. Very contrasting mood to the theme!

  5. very dark imagery. A not so pleasant look at the darker side of where we are.

  6. very nice. for they are caring people too. awesome write!

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