We’re other people’s
A crime that goes
The drunken fights
Of strangers,
A maze
Of unwritten motives,
Babies wailing,
Families disappearing,
The hurricane chaos
Of children,
A let down
Writ large,
A month
Of freshly unearthed
Suburbs separated
With sorrow,
The serial bellow
Of questions,
An evening
Of huge hollow eyes.



8 Responses to “Misdemeanours”

  1. love your poems!

    can you add my site to your blogroll?

  2. Love the depth, the meanings beyond words that I find within your poetry. Wonderful write.

  3. This poem gives us a raw mirror of society, well done!

  4. sad reality of society…captured creatively 🙂

  5. I love the end statement. I love your poems they are gritty and real

  6. Great poem – love the words you chose to depict your meaning and message!


  7. dynamic words.
    well done,


  8. dunstancarter Says:

    Thanks Miki

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