There Are Ghosts Here Now

There are ghosts here now,
The sounds of phantom engines
Drawing up outside my home,
The smell of your skin on my linen,
Your reflection in the clock face,
Your love in all my tears.

Time was I knew what instinct meant,
Counting new birds in the sky
And resting on predictions
Of when I’d next see your smile,

But there are ghosts here now,
A hollow born from sorrow,
An amplified silence on weekends,
Something new in the wastes of this city,
The punches of inevitable endings,
Your outline all blurred in the distance.

6 Responses to “There Are Ghosts Here Now”

  1. It’s not perfect, but I can tell a lot of thought went into this. It has powerful words too. So I liked it.

  2. Your thoughts come across strongly here, the sense of loss. Well written, very tight.
    Thanks for visiting my poem earlier.

  3. This breaks my heart. Very well done!

  4. your love in all my tears- love this line and itself can be a haiku! my potluck’s here:

  5. It’s a great poem. I like the way the title gives birth to the last stanza… and the dense ‘…An amplified silence on weekends…’. Couldn’t smile after. Thought about my ex.

  6. dunstancarter Says:

    Cheers Kolembo. Bit of heartbreak poem. It was good to set it free.

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