When the Vampires Cry Back

It’s a deafening scream
When the vampires cry back,
Their faces turned youthful
As their sour tears collide

With the truth on a precipice,
A dog on a string,
All pathetic and boney,
A moment from darkness.

An improvised blackout
Takes the eyes of the generals,
There are truths in the night sky,
A pale whine pervading,

Where they once sat untouched
They are now sad and broken,
A whispering hollow,
A humbling bond.


3 Responses to “When the Vampires Cry Back”

  1. stunning…


  2. Whoooaa!! That was superbly dark and chilling!! Really enjoyed your wordplay here…. kept me hooked alright!!

    And I learnt one thing from this poem.. there is trust among ’em fanged ones too… whheeww! Jeeezz…we humans need to learn from them!! Makes me wonder who’s more cruel… (sigh)

  3. brilliant..

    come join us today.

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