The New Civil Service

They are the broken stomp of teenage riots
As the tear gas starts to explode,
The stuttered chants of dispersing crowds
And the distant rot of bedsit fiction,
Blogged rebellion and militant posters,

They talk their games in coffee shops
And peace march into the sea.

They will never rest,
Never give up,
Never say never,

Until that is
Their taxes rise
And their wallets cry
For roles in public service.

Civil servants eating lentils
And shopping in Ikea.

5 Responses to “The New Civil Service”

  1. russian Billy Says:

    yes yes yes -love this one much

  2. never say never. . . đŸ˜‰

  3. Love this one buddy. Good chuckles from utter truth.

  4. Right on the money. Well done. Right said

  5. lovely imagery!

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