They’re Back Now

They never stopped believing
That if you starve the simple
They become less needy,

Clock faced and basic with hate,
They only pretended to perish,
All organic lies and forgive me pretensions,

They’re back now
Preserved like an illness
And smug like a ram

In a field of slow-moving sheep,

You can weep,
But they’ll only love it more.

13 Responses to “They’re Back Now”

  1. one weep, another love it more?

    deep, cute piece, well done.
    have fun.

  2. dunstancarter Says:

    The rise of the right wing?

  3. I like the “preserved like an illness”. Maybe you can make an antidote.

  4. “You can weep,
    But they’ll only love it more.”

    Nicely played, Dunstan.

  5. Philosophical and multi-faceted. Loved it. Wonderful job.

  6. great lexis throughout a truly brilliant piece

  7. Hello,
    Appreciate your participation at poets rally,
    Please return favor to poets who are here yet you did not reach them initially,
    Bless your day.
    Have fun!


  8. Awesomely done. Great depth and striking truths.

  9. Thanks for all your feedback everyone. Much appreciated.

  10. I am liking this very much Dunstan.
    It has the air of the ominous in the mental skies.
    Loaded with meaning and warning.
    We shall not be starved.

  11. “All organic lies and forgive me pretensions” What a line! Excellent and sobering poem. Well done.

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