Your nose was on fire,
Electrical sandwiches
Lay strewn across the floor,

Erotic soul spat out the speakers
As lesbians wrestled
And peace deals got signed,

We coughed up
Half chewed peanuts
And sang without words,

Everything was a chore,
But fuck it we thought,

Without weekends
Our dreams
Were just piss in a storm.


3 Responses to “Abandon”

  1. Were the weekends just the filling to block out the banality of inner city life for us as youngsters?

    I don’t remember the peace deals.

    Like it a lot. Cheers


  2. awesome! what was your inspiration for this piece?

  3. dunstancarter Says:

    A wistful reminisce of the drunken, confused haze of early 20’s idealism I guess. Cheers for the comment – always lovely to get feedback.

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