Please sit down,
You smell of hot dogs
And suicide,

There’s a hat on your bed,
Dead birds on the floor,
Lizards haunt your dreams,

Your double-yolked eggs
Are long gone.

They’ll build you a bench
For the love that you’ve shared,

So close your eyes as you die,
The world’s pulling close.

7 Responses to “Cameo”

  1. Deliciously macabre

  2. russian billy Says:

    dark and mysterous

  3. another fine piece,

    support us by visiting a dozen poets near your own entries,
    have fun!


  4. Very un-nerving, very well written! I love the first stanza, it’s so immediate!
    Thanks for this.

  5. wow! very different from the usual- love it!

  6. It’s dark and disturbing, but I like it!

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