In the Forest Between Two Towns

This evening I saw
Fireflies light an opening
In a forest filled with pines,

A sprinkle of their magic
Like a stranger not so strange now
Whispering beer soaked lullabies,

A welcoming transition
From broken to brand new,

No longer stolen
By the tools of a lost love’s pity,

No longer the out of tune choir
In a motorway van,

Rushing to somewhere unknown
With a quiet dread,

A pickled head breathing
Through a snorkel
On the high street,

A conveyor belt
Of oddness,

The cold stares of shoppers
Who came hunting for magic
But settled for knitwear.

Its yesterdays news still unpublished,
A magazine nobody reads,

Why bother when you’re sat here coyly smiling?
Who’s dreaming for hope as a stalwart?

Travelling from one town to the next
I saw fireflies light an opening,
All giddy in the distance,

I sang down lonely b-roads,
Talked sense to silent friends
And arrived at your front door.


One Response to “In the Forest Between Two Towns”

  1. amazing…
    I really like your style.

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