Vikings and Witches

Blood lust in their hot breath
Like Canute all twisted,
They come with their crow bars,
A donkey-eyed coldness
And bull nostrilled swagger,

Businessmen shiver,
Bright lights are dimmed,
Brakes screech and whistle,
Tempers and smoke rise,

For the moment,
Terrorist threats
Distance themselves
And the ants that remained
From the poured boiling water
Rise up like sick smells
From bin bags and gutters,
Antennae uplifted
By the rot of a city.

Rumours spread
Like salted dust on the wind,
Invading in pockets
Like Vikings in sportswear,
They blend with the neon,
Arriving as fear falls.

It’s a new twisted culture,
Like a gypsy’s sweet fingers
Floating through pockets
In a sweet coastal town
Where the lively bats gather
Before the midnight church bells
Swing their clanging alarms
And the night moves its darkness
With decaying aromas.

It’s a problem they’ve spoke of
For centuries now
And maybe it’s time we changed
How we see things.

The witches who died here
Long after floating
Like everyone does
Had no chance to argue,
No words they could air
That might inspire us right now,

We are ruined by gossip,
The magnified chatter
Of tabloid expression
And the piss wet digressions
Of old angry men
Leant on crumbling bars,

Far away from the real world,
Piece feeding hysteria.

It’s a shame that those witches
Weren’t left to just shine,
They weren’t even witches
Most of the time.


9 Responses to “Vikings and Witches”

  1. this is really good
    i think
    i’ll keep coming
    back for more

    my sister

    power to the poet


  2. What fantastic lines and syllable usage here. And the closure, was simple and clever. Very nice inspirational work. I’m very pleased with the length as well.

  3. You really have a way with imageries. Don’t you?

    “Rumours spread
    Like salted dust on the wind,” (just one of the many examples to cite)

    I like your style. The way of how you describe stuff is really vivid.

  4. “We are ruined by gossip,
    The magnified chatter
    Of tabloid expression
    And the piss wet digressions
    Of old angry men
    Leant on crumbling bars,” I absolutely loved this stanza. You have amazing style and I love the way you manipulate language!

  5. Wow! Thanks one and all.

  6. some truth and wisdom here.
    well penned.


  7. Much truth here.
    my family went catholic
    and passed on the old ways through
    stories and hands.
    They kept it silent and passed on the knowledge
    from mother to daughter throough out time.
    herbs and nature
    the stars and light.
    We were called witchs then
    but medicine women
    would be then the truth
    but now, witchs we are still called

    you made me cry with this poem.

  8. Kay Salady Says:

    Absolutely amazing work. Thank you, Dunstan!

  9. dunstancarter Says:

    Thanks Kay. Glad you enjoyed it.

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