The Owls

We drank till the owls
Appeared on the trees
And the sky became empty,

We held each other at night
Like we were alone on the moors
Beside a huge broken prison,

We warmed each other with breath,
Declared love just like war
And ignored all the screaming.

There were moments I thought
We were meant to be broken,
Alive with the drama

Or at least shivering slightly,
Such electrified nights
Came with rustling doubt.

We were inmates of worry,
The clouds watched us fall,
Freedom it seemed was an old wasted dream
And truths were the lies before ruin.


5 Responses to “The Owls”

  1. this
    “We drank till the owls
    Appeared on the trees”
    and this
    “Declared love just like war”
    and finally
    “There were moments I thought
    We were meant to be broken”
    this is a great poem.
    you have real talent.

  2. Empathy cures sadness, sometimes.
    Nice poem.

  3. love the opening line..

    well done…

    keep it up.

    Welcome joining poets rally week 40,
    all submissions will be fully represented by the end of the week,
    visit me for details today.. hope to see you in..

    Happy Writing..

  4. There is great interest in the vulnerability of each of these experiences, through which you speak of as there is such power and presence in these lines that speak beyond what they are made of, deriving from human existence. Again profoundness and beauty live in this great writing of yours. Blessings to you dear friend, and happy Spring and all it may bring. 🙂

  5. Dennis Carter Says:

    This is a beautiful love poem, which stands brave & stubborn in the face of so much worldly distress. Nice one, mate!

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