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An Awkwardness Frozen

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on April 4, 2011 by dc

So cold like a whisper
Through a shroud
Or the touch of a branch
As you enter a forest,
A scratch
Down the neck,
A tingle as the breeze
Tickles blood.

Ah you, yes you,
The Post-Thatcher mean streak,
The rainbow of blues
And an awkwardness frozen,
A face fattened by wealth
And dogged with spite,
A rainfall that scars,
A sweetness pretending.

Suspicions like the leaves
On slowly browning trees,
Autumnal hatred
Falling and scattered,
You are a single bead
Of sadness expanded,
But to pity you
Is senseless.

Where some have come
To plead approval,
You disband
Rays of hope,
Your head
Turned eastwards just slightly
The clichés of snobbery

Like a wave of heavy crows
Blanketing the sky
You are the horrors of pithy
Your lies are like whispers
At sparse, hollow funerals,
Your eyes are the grumbles
Of spite.