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Chords Of Confusion

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It all made sense once
Stolen moments and bright lights
Before the strings broke


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It’s not a problem,
It’s the solution.
The question is,
What is it a solution to?

They left the building
In single file.

No one ever returned.

No one spoke of it either.

Sometimes when stars
Reach the end of their lives
They collapse in on themselves.

Like a tree in unloved woods
Falling silently,
It never really even happened.

Tapes Fade

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These recorded diaries
Of broken hearts
And intricate jokes,

The songs
Of drunken birds
At dawn,

The twitching hands
Of sleeping giants
Casting shadows
On our sketchy beginnings.

Two misshapen souls,
A plastered gash
And a loose bound book
Filled with
Teenage questions
And tears,

Never afraid
Of losing tags and moving maps
And letting loose things fall
When autumn called our names.

It’s darker now
And the leaves
Won’t hide our fears.

Kicking our heels
On coastlines of worry,
We sunk into the yesterday,

A snare drum
Rumbling towards silence,
The brittle sense
Of something near snapping,

A guessing game
Lost in reflections,

A million softly spoken words
Now smoke gruff semi-haloes,

The stained storyboard
Of an unfinished film.

To The Nothings That Maybe Were

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Coloured glass,
A jagged broken wedge,
Glinting in the distance,

A church in rural climes,

The feasting light
Of real transition,
Of witchcraft
And hunger,

The ancient drop
Of sunshine
Through valleys
Designed by the lost

And the wild
Lonely cyclones
That dropped
To their knees.

Shropshire druids
Smoking pipes
And just thinking,

The slop of moving mulch,
The grand old pureed toast,

To the nothings
That maybe were,
All glowing beauty
And trails,

Of distant


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Naively she stared
Like a wasp at a window
Checking for silence

The Captain’s End

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Elephantine fisticuffs
With a ghostly fisherman
And seven burly fellows,

A twisted dockland tale
Caught on the thighs
Of a tattooed grunt in glee,

Tossed out on the weekend
Like just another buckled wheel
Rolling down sheep shit lined hills.

The gasping moon in crescent
Ushers the sounds of pubs
And ancient whores

Giggling like a sea storm,
Belching symphonies of rats
And sinking down wormholes,

The blood on my gums,
A farcical iron ale,
A rich becoming wave dream simmering,

The simple nothings of a drunkard
In anywhere corners slumped,
Awake and never knowing,

This is the walking puff
Of tired men retiring,
Of old back doors closing

And people calling it quits,
I wasn’t born for the seashore
And I wasn’t born to lead.