Terrible Vultures

Take it as given
They will never ever
Thank you in a crowded room,
Scrape your name from their claws,
Credit you on printed materials
Or smile as they fly away.

Consequence is their mistress.

I call them
Terrible vultures,
As they angle themselves
In the morning,
Devouring their cornflakes,
Beaks bullet pointed.

Trepidation greets their silence.

They spend hours on branches
Just shimmering slightly,

They never flap without reason,
Teeter or squawk,

They feast on the needless.

So, take their money,
Sleep soundly
And panic no more,

Avoid open spaces,
Lock all windows
And doors.

3 Responses to “Terrible Vultures”

  1. “They never flap without reason.”

  2. I loved the title, the whole poem brilliant!

  3. Dennis Carter Says:

    There is so much to attack out there & you do it so well.

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