Human Prunes

They groaned
Like their lives
Depended on it,

Human prunes
With tubes
And blues

As deep
As oceans,

Motion sensors
All flat batteries
And flickering lights.

Uptight with reason,
All lesions
And foes,

Split grow-bags
And loose

Blistered and fraught,

Warts and all
And cut short.

They stared at walls
And pictured

All we did
Was chatter.

7 Responses to “Human Prunes”

  1. I’m liking the new stuff. It is very helpful to me to read your poetry. Thank you.

  2. hmmm this one has me thinking…

  3. A poignant piece… love the vivid images!

  4. elegant, have fun!

  5. Anti war is very actual… I particularly like stanzas 5, 7 and the 2 last ones, when I am taken to passages of José Saramago’s “A Caverna”.

  6. Thanks, Seabell. I’m not aware of A Caverna, but having just read the synopsis, I’m very intrigued. Cheers for stopping by 🙂

  7. Dennis Carter Says:

    Yeah, all we do is talk.

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