So Sudden They Bite

It’s happening again,
Their tongues are scaled
And they’re laying eggs,

There’s a gentle hiss
And a creeping mist
This hand shadowed night,

Some are still thinking
It’s invisible theatre,
A nothing
In the drunken
A dust cloud,
A clutch of falling leaves.

Spines ridged
With microphone wires,
Nails filed
For the cameras,

Hidden in corners,
A vicious glint
In their eyes,

They’re here,

And still the strollers ignore
All the signs,

Some are immune
To the flashing lights now,
To the day glow grinning
And headlines,

Something evil
Is snarling,
And still the lame folk
Sit yawning,

Soon they’ll be selling
Their children
To zoos.

10 Responses to “So Sudden They Bite”

  1. You know your subject and speak well regarding it. Nicely done.

  2. Such depth enveloped in crisp detailed metaphor… beautifully written.

  3. The visuals and imaginative combination of word usage here are so comfortably eerie, and full of dimension.I bet it’s something like acrobatics of thought.

  4. I love the imagery and word choices you’ve made. Brilliant! Your work really inspires me. Do you write lyrics?

  5. A bit, yeah. I think of lot of my stuff is about bouncing ideas, images and rhythms around. I always love your slant on stuff, Alicia. Hope you’re well 🙂

  6. Hi – thanks for all your lovely comments. It means a lot to have someone enjoy my poetry and makes this blog all worthwhile. As for lyrics, I do indeed write them. I’m a member of a band called Foilface ( Also one half of The Abodes (no website, but have stuff on last fm). I love writing lyrics and poetry for pretty much similar reasons.

  7. Awesome what is your position in the band? I am listening now =). You know I write poems but mine really don’t lend to lyrics usually. My flow isn’t very smooth

  8. Singer and lyricist. I’ve been writing poems/lyrics for about 17 years now and like anyone I’ve written lots of rubbish stuff too. Your poems are good – keep on keeping on 🙂

  9. Awesome you have a nice deep voice I love that! I have written on and off for 15 years. Had several years off I am afraid but now I am really pursuing it.

  10. Dennis Carter Says:

    Ouch! This one bites deep.

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