Your Church

Your words
Are like muesli
To the lips
Of shivering
Earthquake victims.

Your actions,
The pure faith
Of a tranquilised
Church organ player,
All passion
And trembling
Christ thoughts.

Your history
Is a myriad
Of slightly chipped
From an old story cemetery,
All dust yellow memoirs
And lickety-spilts.

Your church
Is a troubling place.

7 Responses to “Your Church”

  1. Very nice post today thanks. I really enjoyed it. See you around!

  2. You are truly an amazing writer, never do you cease to impress

  3. Wow. Thanks. Thats made me smile. I love that you’re enjoying my stuff.

  4. Amen

  5. Dennis Carter Says:

    Dennis Carter says:
    I love the mordant sarcasm of your imagery, particularly the chipped gravestone one.

  6. And I loved that you loved it…

  7. how interesting…

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