It had its lifespan,
Greater than
A picnic daydream,
Less than
A prison sentence
For burglary.

Their hearts raced happy,
Longer than
A package holiday,
Shorter than
A career
In retail.

Their families never met,
They never owned a pet,
Went water-skiing
Or dabbled in role-play.

They just held hands
And wandered,

The streets
A scenic backdrop,

Months of giddy chatter,
Hidden dreams
And cushions scattered,

Songs on benches,
In gardens naked,
Endless drinks
And sex at dawn.

They kept their eyes open,

Swam in well thumbed oceans
All fiction and clichéd nutrition,

Made dozens of bad decisions,
Aborted missions,

No more wishing,

Future tracks
Just snapped
Then fizzled,

Lost in a riddle,

The middle
Of gone.

4 Responses to “Them”

  1. I like it. KInd of manically beautiful. A lot like real life. Good one, DC!

  2. This is so complex.
    almost like a poem of bricks.

  3. vivid imagery, they are part of us maybe.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. Nothing lasts forever…

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